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Handheld Bumble Mifare Plus terminal

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          Developing and manufacturing devices for Bumblehood, Germany. This terminal has several characteristics: self-powered battery terminal which allows you to charge the battery using the USB port, supports Mifare Plus RFID card, supports the MSD card using the USB host support, synchronization with PC was performed as a USB device connection, character display. The terminal normally used for processing and manipulation of data between central system and data on integrated customer cards in the "loyalty program". An interesting thing in development of this terminal is that the company Bumblehood tried to realize the development of this terminal with another company, with whom the development ended ignominiously after almost a year of experimentation. In our case, everything is completely different, after three months we have made the first fully functional prototype, and after six months we have begun producing the first series of terminals. During the design of this device in our company came TV crew to record show eHrvatska about activities of our company that you can see the eHrvatska - 51st episode. Within this contribution you can see on the desk of our staff development versions of this device.

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