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Computer factory assembly line - MSAN

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          This is one of the most complex projects we've made. It is about designing and implementing management for semi-automatic computer assembly plant for Croatian largest distributor of IT equipment, M-San. Semi-automatic computer assembly line consists of 100 working places. One indicator of the complexity of the project is that we spent on system cabling required to implement control more than 45 km multiwire signal cable, and that there are more than 4500 lines that are "connected somewhere." To make entire investement done as cheap as possible, numerous sections of system control are designed and manufactured in our company. So we developed a suitable RFID reader which reads the position of pallets, in the plant were installed more than 80 readers and all of them work perfectly for many years. The overall management consists of 6 control cabinets, which has indrustrial computers with RTOS and specifically written drivers as core. For operation they are using two power cabinets in which core is Siemens PLC's and power frequency converters. All in all, a comprehensive project in which there are many signals, control lines, informational messages via RS485, Ethernet, CAN. The best indicator of the quality of our work is that the same company hired us to upgrade and install such control in their sister company KimTech in Belgrade, with the proviso that there was a production line which is 30 percent bigger than one in Zagreb.

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